Capital Markets & Banking

In a regulatory stricken industry, with dynamic changes, uncertainties abroad and at home, as well as an increasing importance of quantitative analysis, capital markets firms are forced to alter course to adhere to the ever-changing scenery that is Financial Services. These firms are constantly being put the test, forced to reach beyond the limits, all the while operating in a highly complex regulatory environment.

HMS strives to deliver a seamless transition into the workplace by providing the resources needed to attract, groom, and deliver top-level talent. We at HMS, have the contacts and the knowhow to ensure an unforgettable experience, one that will lead to higher productivity and a reduction in costs. Our resources are experts in the following:

  • Build better processes to manage, share and distribute brand assets
  • Develop robust and mobile-friendly platform and workflow for creative approvals and easy working
  • Improve hosting, fast content share and highly configurable systemto suit company needs
  • Data aggregation and normalization across all asset classes
  • Effective decision support and data warehousing
  • Integrated market-making tools built upon algorithmic engines
  • Assemble rich customer data and sophisticated business intelligence tools to understand customer behavior